Examining Barkley’s Student Engagement Techniques

Barkley partitions Student Engagement Techniques into three sections. The first section systematically examines what the learning process looks like and what the roles of the student, the teacher, and the institution in accomplishing the most effective and efficient learning experience. The first few paragraphs of the book briefly summarize what one could expect to see … Continue reading Examining Barkley’s Student Engagement Techniques


Learning Module Reflection

The learning module preparatory assignment was very helpful throughout the process of creating the lecture video. It provided a framework that guided me to the resources and information I eventually included in the PowerPoint presentation. Furthermore, the learning objectives kept me from straying from the topic at hand which is extremely easy to do. Explicitly … Continue reading Learning Module Reflection


Greetings classmates! Thanks for stopping by my blog. My name is Matthew McHargue and I am in my first year in the Higher Education Administration EdD program through the Gadsden Center. I hold a BS in Mathematics from Athens State (2012) as well as a MEd in Adult Education from Auburn (2015). I began my … Continue reading Introduction