Well, I have mixed feelings about this online certificate program. On one hand, I feel that the material contained within the course is great material and valuable to anyone who will be teaching courses in an online setting. However, it is almost a complete regurgatation of the content covered within the AHE 603 curriculum. So, the modules were easy to understand and the quizzes were easy to pass, but I definitely did not get as much out of it as I had hoped. I do still have one elective module to complete. It covers the fundamental functions a resource with which I am completely unfamiliar, BlackBoard Collaborate. Speaking of elective modules, I was planning to complete the Test Security module listed on the CCS website; however, it is not included in the program. Overall, I found the program to be a bit elementary, but I feel it would be an excellent program for someone with little to no teaching experience. I am also unsure of what to do for my presentation at this point as there are tangible artifacts of learning produced in completing the program. I am tossing around the idea of revising one of my current syllabi to include aspects of the material presented in the program. For example, including hyperlinks and more page breaks for a more universal design.


3 thoughts on “Final Project Status: Mixed Feelings

  1. Matthew,
    Hasn’t you discussed doing a flipped class for one that you currently teach? If so, you could modify the syllabus to incorporate those online aspects to the class. This would enable you to apply what you’ve learned in the course but also create a useful product for whenever you might implement the flipped class design. (And maybe that’s exactly what you meant in your above discussion.) I wish you luck, though. A week can be a lot of time.


  2. Hi Matthew. I actually really liked the modules, but I do understand what you mean. They weren’t necessarily challenging and were very easy to follow, and a lot of what we’ve learned in this class was discussed like the copyright information, etc. I do agree that maybe for others who haven’t taken the class or taught, they would enjoy them more. However, I kind of viewed them like they were additional resources, and the combination of the modules and the class were a great fit. Anyhow, good luck with your class syllabus!


  3. Hi Matthew,
    I definitely understand where you’re coming from regarding the content level of the modules. While I found the program useful overall, I also felt that sometimes the material was a bit remedial. I’m excited to see how you adapt your syllabus though!


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