Currently, I am a certified math teacher for grades 6-12. My future goals include becoming an administrator in some capacity at the post-secondary level. I knew when I applied to the Higher Education Administration program that transitioning from K-12 to higher education would be difficult, but this is where my passions lie and this is what I want to do with my life so it was an easy decision. Still, the reality is that I must make myself more marketable for employment within higher education institutions. Thus, for my final project, I have chosen to complete the Online Educator Develop Program and earn a certificate in online teaching. This program consists of ten modules. Seven of the modules are required and three can be selected by the student. Each module culminates in one or more assessments which the student must score 70% on to receive credit. I am very excited to get started with this program. Not only will it add a feather to my professional hat, I expect that much of what I learn will be applicable in my current classroom.

Required Modules:

  • Orientation to Online Teaching
  • Choosing Teaching Materials
  • Promoting Student Engagement
  • Universal Design
  • Communications
  • Assessment in Online Courses
  • Managing Expectations

Select 3 from the following:

  • Test Security
  • Designing Interactive Course Content
  • Blackboard IM Fundamentals
  • Advanced Blackboard IM
  • Blackboard Collaborate Fundamentals
  • Advanced Blackboard Collaborate
  • Creating Accessible Documents


The three elective modules I am planning to complete are: Test Security, Designing Interactive Course Content, and Creating Accessible Documents. I am familiar with BlackBoard on the student side and use a very similar software daily in my own classroom. Thus, I feel the other options are more beneficial in the short term. Further, each of the three modules is of great interest to me. I am planning to flip at least one of my classes next year and these elective modules will provide invaluable information to aid me in accomplishing this goal.


4 thoughts on “Final Project Proposal: Making Myself More Marketable

  1. Mathew,
    Thanks for posting more detail about the online course option. It’s something I’ll likely do later on and it’s nice to see there is some flexibility in it. I also tink it’s awesome you’re looking to try a flipped class, especially in math. I think that subject especially would be conducive to a flipped classroom. (I loved my math classes growing up, but if I had trouble, it was usually on the homework. So I appreciated the teachers who spent half the period lecturing and gave us the rest to start on homework in class, should we have problems and need help.) I’ll be interested to see how your final project turns out by the end of the semester.


  2. Hi Matthew,

    I think we, as a society, tend to undervalue the time and energy it takes to switch careers, as it is so much easier to stick with what is comfortable. So, I applaud your efforts to achieve your goal of becoming an administrator in higher education. And, I agree that pursuing the online educator certificate is a strong way to accomplish such a goal. I’ve done it myself (it was required to teach online in my department), and, although I have some concerns, it is quite helpful in thinking about some of the practical problems that accompany online classes. I hope you find it as informative as I did!

    All the best,


  3. Hi Matthew,
    I think this is a great project for you, and I’m glad you are pursuing it. Hopefully it will give you something nice to add to your resume that can help you in your search for a position in higher education!


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