Entry 2

Why must you be so negative ALL the time. I swear it seems as if 90% of the things you say and do have some semblance of a negative connotation to them. Maybe that is why I find myself being the eternal optimist. To be the yang to your negative yin. It does get old, … Continue reading Entry 2


Entry 1

So, here we go, I guess. I am starting this blog because I feel like my writing skills have dramatically decreased in the past few years. I do still write quite a bit for school. But, if I am being honest, what I produce for my school work is pretty shitty writing. I have more … Continue reading Entry 1

Teaching At Its Best: A Must Have for Novice Instructors

Nilson’s Teaching At Its Best is essentially an encyclopedia for college teaching. Nilson covers history, theory, application, and everything in between. I especially appreciated the first two parts of the book which discussed several issues that are routinely ignored in the teaching and learning literature. For example, syllabus construction, coordination logistics between faculty and teaching … Continue reading Teaching At Its Best: A Must Have for Novice Instructors